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Wendover's estimated carbon footprint
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There are lots of different scientific studies and models which try to measure carbon footprint – of course it depends on what assumptions you make, what you choose to include or exclude… What’s important though is that ALL of them show that our footprint is very much larger than is sustainable and we must reduce it.

And really the usefulness is to know what areas of our lives are causing the greatest problem, so that we can see where to focus our efforts to change and reduce.

We believe that we have a reasonable model for estimating our ‘Residential’ Carbon Footprint which comes out to about 8.1 tonnes CO2 per resident per year. * see explanatory note below


The above image shows the breakdown by area and then the total residential CO2 for Wendover. 


(White font is showing individual contribution. Orange text is showing community totals.)


* (Our number of 8.1 tonnes is calculated from the bottom up and does not take into account any CO2 figures from UK/Local infrastructure e.g buildings, factories, schools, shops, hospitals, street lighting etc, which is why we always refer to it as a ‘residential footprint’.)

But changing behaviour over the next 10 years can dramatically reduce our footprint, for example: 

(This table summarises the challenges over the next decade)

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 12.38.43.png

read more about our current actions to try reduce Wendover's carbon footprint

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