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Wendover's climate action pledge
10 Ways to Reduce Your Personal
Carbon Footprint…

What changes you have already made or plan to make in the next year?

I am committed to helping Wendover become a carbon neutral community as quickly as possible and recognise that I must play a part in achieving that aim.

During the next year I will complete at least three of these key actions:

  1. Change my energy supply to a green tariff.

  2. Invest in home insulation and energy efficient appliances, use low energy lighting and switch things off.

  3. Eat less meat and dairy in my diet. Give vegetarian / vegan recipes a try.

  4. Buy local / organic / animal friendly / fairly traded food wherever possible.

  5. Find ways to cut my food waste, buy what I need and freeze leftovers.

  6. Cut my personal mileage in the air and on the land. Walk / ride locally, use public transport.

  7. Stop using a lawn sprinkler, buy water efficient appliances, be conscious of water usage.

  8. Stop using pesticides in my garden.

  9. Plant a tree in my garden.

  10. Move my banking, savings and pension to an ethical provider.

Will Do:

Thank you for your pledge!

For young people:

  1. Reduce my energy usage by being aware of how much I use; remember to switch things off including device chargers and lights, not leaving TV and computers on standby. 

  2. Ditch fast fashion; buy clothes only when I really need them and try to buy second-hand or from a sustainable brand where possible.

  3. Eat less meat and dairy. Encourage my household to try out some vegetarian/vegan recipes

  4. Encourage my household to buy food which is local, organic or fairtrade if possible.

  5. Work as a team with my household to reduce food waste; using up or freezing leftovers, only buying the food we need.

  6. Walk or cycle short journeys, use public transport or share lifts to reduce the number of miles being driven for my journeys.

  7. Reduce the amount of rubbish I throw away; be savvy with recycling, use a reusable water bottle or hot drinks cup.

  8. Reduce how much water I use; not having really long showers, turn off the tap when brushing my teeth.

  9. Encourage my household to plant a tree or create a wildlife habitat in our garden.

  10. When I open my first bank account, ask an adult to help me find an ethical provider to use. 

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