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what do we want for Wendover?
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Climate Action Wendover is a community group focussed on improving life in our village;


By informing and encouraging local residents, by engaging with local businesses and through collaboration with our Parish Council and Bucks Council.


  • We want to see our carbon footprint significantly reduce, aspiring to net zero by 2030

  • We want to reverse the decline in native species of plants and animals and see an increase in biodiversity

  • We want to achieve a big increase in rates of reuse and recycling so that we consume less of the planet’s limited resources


We are concerned about our local environmental impact on the planet and want to take action to change.

This IS a global crisis and we do hear international bodies, national governments, global corporations and the like starting to say a lot more on these issues – and in some cases they are taking robust action to drive improvement.


But we believe we must take local responsibility – as a community and as individuals – to adopt changes in our behaviours, make different choices and use our comparative affluence to contribute our fair share to this effort. 


We haven’t yet seen the extremes of climate change in our corner of the Chilterns – but you don’t have to look many miles away to see the evidence of increased flooding for example. If we looked closely, there is evidence of biodiversity loss and soil erosion. We’d like to maintain – in fact improve – our local environment. Healthier and more pleasant for us and future generations to thrive in – whilst being sustainable and not a burden on other communities.


The air we breathe, the oceans which are so influential on weather patterns as well as being a source of food, the agricultural land in the UK and far beyond, rain forests which play a major role in the absorption of CO2 – all these are shared resources. Although “outside Wendover” on the map – our actions and choices influence all of them and we must do our bit to restore and maintain these resources for the wellbeing of the global population.

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